The Pack

Meet The Team

Thomas and Laura took on the challenge of hiring staff for their new venture, which was no easy mission. It wasn't a search for the fullest CV or the most qualified, it was a search for those who shared the passion for pet care and the excitement for our dream.

So after several weeks of interviews, we welcomed Iona, Charlotte, Francesca and Amy to the team.

The Directors

Thomas & Laura

Thomas is the brain and business sense behind it all. He deals with all the boring bits behind the scenes including paperwork, accounting and bill paying. However, Wildwood Pets is his baby so you will also find him on the shop floor giving out expert advise on dog food, aquatic treatments and small animal bedding, to name just a few. Above all this, his passion lies with reptiles.

Laura spends most of her time being mum to Hazel and Willow, so if you're lucky enough to catch her in the shop, she will most likely have one or both small humans attached to her. Laura is the friendly face behind the social media channels so she does a lot of her work remotely alongside the tiny humans. She does also enjoy helping Thomas choose what to stock (if they can agree on it!)

More information about us can be found here.

Small Animal Enthusiast


Iona works at Wildwood Pets on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday alongside studying Animal Management at Stamford College.

Iona has 3 cats and a hamster and has a keen interest in the care and welfare of small animals, in particular making sure they have the space they deserve. In her spare time Iona enjoys baking and spending time with friends.

Harness Queen


Francesca works Monday, Friday and Saturday. Francesca has previous history working in pet related retail but her passion lies in dog psychology as well accessories for dogs, mainly harnesses. She has an eye for style and will help you choose the one that looks best on your pooch.

When she's not at work she enjoys spending time with her 3 dogs, Lexi, Rosalie and Summer.

Weekday Wonder


Amy works at Wildwood Pets on Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday. Amy works hard to process and put into stock new orders that arrive through the week, as well as keeping the place clean and tidy. Amy is a very bubbly personality who we all love working with and customers love interacting with in store.

When she is not at Wildwood Pets Amy is chasing after her 3 young children and 2 dogs! How does she have time for it all?!

Future Vet


Charlotte works at Wildwood Pets on Saturday and Sunday.
Charlotte recently graduated with a degree in Animal Science from Nottingham University and is looking forward to moving on to study Veterinary Medicine in the near future.

Charlotte has a fluffy, young pup of her own called Atlas, and is our top harness fitter and bed seller in the store!


The Future Directors

Another two faces you will often find "helping" around the store is Hazel & Willow, the future directors of the company (maybe). These two cheeky monkeys have been exposed to animals their whole lives at home, from dogs, cats and rabbits to pythons, tortoises and toads. It will certainly be interesting to see what route they will take in life after so much time spent around the wonderful creatures that fill our home and grace us with their presence at the shop.

The girls love being in the store. Willow is chief shelf (un)stacker and Hazel has taken a shine to helping the staff with the cleaning (when she's feeling like it). It might be chaotic at times, but it's family-run and they're a big part of it!